Please allow me to introduce our son, Bryant Alexander Wen Helms

Please allow me to introduce our son:

Bryant Alexander Wen Helms Dang Wen DiWe will call him Lex. His Chinese name is Dang Wen Di. The Chinese put the surname first. His name, surname aside, means Gentleness (Wen) Little Brother (Di). From the start God has had His hand on this adoption. The closer we got to the day we got to see our son’s sweet face God increased the demonstrative acts to show us even more that He has brought us this far and will be with us till the end. The whole paper chase took a lot longer than what we anticipated. I, Bryant, personally was getting frustrated with all of the unnecessary delays and the extra money these delays cost. Some examples of the delays for example are, Daphne’s fingerprinting issues, doctors holding paperwork hostage for reasons that had nothing to do with the paperwork, having to get paperwork updated for Dang Wen Di 4.14.2014reasons that leave me dumbfounded, and the list goes on. So one Sunday morning these delays were weighing heavy on my spirit and during worship I presented my concerns to God. God brought to my mind the story of Daniel and the Angel who was delayed by the prince of the Persian kingdom for 21 days(Daniel 10). And I thought, “yes Lord I understand.” Shortly after this we were able to get the last pieces of our Dossier sent to our adoption agency on Tuesday, March 25th. On March 27th our adoption agency sent us a confirmation e-mail stating that they had received our last documents and it would take 9-11 business days to finish the translation to Chinese and then send the Dossier to China. That night during our regular night time prayer God brought the story of Daniel to my mind again. So we prayed and asked that God would cancel any delay tactics or delay assignments that had been set in motion to hinder or stop the appropriate timing on this adoption. The reason the delays had been so heavy on my mind and spirit is that timing is very critical for our paperwork. All documents have to be within 12 months of origination when they get to China. Or all of it would be in vain. The NEXT DAY, yes the very next day, March 28th, we received notification that our Dossier had been sent to China. Remember what we prayed. So 11 days had been reduced to 1. Now the next step would be to get our paperwork Logged In with the CCCWA (China Center for Children Welfare & Adoption). And I told you about this in this blog post. I also told you about a long line that we had just been placed in. Well the one thing I did not mention is that there are ways to “cut” this line and not wait for the adoption agency to match you to your child. Our adoption agency has a list called: Waiting Child List. This is a list of children that fall into one of several categories.

  1. Files to Be Returned:  Our adoption agency has so far been unable to find an adoptive family for these children and will soon need to return the file to the CCCWA.
  2. Matched Children: Our forever families have found us!
  3. Special Focus: These children may be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child!
  4. LID Only: The CCCWA requires that these children be matched to a family with a current dossier in China.
  5. Shared List: These children’s files are listed on the CCCWA’s Shared List and are viewable by multiple agencies.

For about 3 months now, there had been a little boy on the list with a status of LID only. The only special need listed was Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate. We watched this picture sit there week after week and couldn’t understand why he was not snatched up. Eventually his status went to LID only AND Files to Be Returned. After we got our LID. We both felt really drawn to this child. We felt like he should be ours. Daphne prayed and told God, “I want that boy.” Dang Wen Di 2  Daphne felt God impress upon her heart that this is how God is with us. He sees the sin in our hearts, all of the horrible things we are capable of, the addictions we struggle with, or the physical infirmities we have and He still says, “I want to adopt you.” So, on April 7th, Daphne inquired about this precious boy since we now qualify for adopting him. She found out that his file will be returned on 04/14/14 and that another family was currently looking at his file. The adoption agency said that if the family decides to pass on this child then we would be the next family to get the file. On Thursday, April 10th, 2014 Daphne got a call from our adoption agency telling her that they had sent us the file. Again, another family passed on this precious boy’s file. We both looked at the file and felt at peace about adopting this child. The cleft palate was significant, but we had friends who had adopted a girl with a more severe Cleft Lip/Palate and we watched God perform miracles with that precious girl. So we were not worried about the severity of the Cleft. We wanted to perform our due diligence and have Faith’s surgeon take a look at the file. I called the surgeon’s office and left a message for his nurse. The nurse called me back and told me that the surgeon was in surgery all day, but to e-mail her the file and she would do her best to get him to look at it. I told her that we had to make a decision before end of day on Friday. She understood and would do her best to get back to us by then.  We were at such peace about getting this child that we agreed that we would adopt him regardless of what the surgeon had to say. While we waited to hear back from the surgeon, Daphne happened to notice that she still had the Letter of Intent from Faith’s adoption sitting on her computer’s desktop. She sent it to me and I made some basic changes to it and it was ready to be sent so that we could get it to the adoption agency quickly. Within three hours we had received a call back from the surgeon’s office. The opinion of the surgeon was that the cleft indeed was severe, but he said that it was no prDang Wen Di 1oblem to repair. So in turn we called the adoption agency and told them we would like to adopt this child. We sent in our Letter of Intent. On Friday, April 11, 2014 we were locked in with the CCCWA to be the adoptive parents of Dang Wen Di.

Now to weight on our Letter of Approval(LOA) from the CCCWA. The estimated wait time for this document is one to four months. It will be interesting to see if God compresses this wait time. Once we get the LOA the “behind the scenes” process for preparation to travel begins. The wait time from child match to travel is between four and six months. Now our fundraising efforts will be doubled to finish raising the funds still needed to finish the adoption. These past two weeks have been an awesome and encouraging time watching the hand of God work. Please continue to pray for us. It’s not over and the enemy is still fighting against us and trying to stop or hinder this adoption.

Thank you for all of the prayers and support so far. We treasure them all.

The paper chase is over….

babiesOur dossier is now sitting in the hands of the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) as of March 31st, 2014. We are hoping for a Log In Date (LID) of April 4th, 2014. Right now all we can do is wait on the process. This can take up to three weeks. However we have been hearing of dossier’s being logged in quickly here lately. Once we get the LID then our child match to our son can come very quickly.